Race Info

Standard Bank Black Mountain Challenge Central24 Info 22-23 October 2022:

Race Info

Day 1: BlackBeast Extreme 37k
  • Race Starts: 06:30am (Resort at Mongoose Hall courtyard)
  • Race Briefing 06:15am (Resort at Mongoose Hall courtyard)
  • Registration: Friday from 18:00pm-20:00pm (at Resort Foyer)
  • Race Finish: Race ends at the Resort Pool area
  • Cutt-off: CP2 De Poort at 13:00 (Sweeper & Race director discretion to allow another hour extension)
Day 1: BlackBeast Traverse 26k
  • Race Starts: 07:30am (Alexandria Farm Coffee Shop)
  • Race Briefing: 07:15am (Alexandria Farm Coffee Shop) 
  • Registration: Friday from 18:00pm-20:00pm (at Resort Foyer)
  • Transport: Transport from Resort to Alexandria starts from 06:00am (please book your transport with Resort bookings@blackmountainresort.co.za included in entry price)
  • Race Finish: Race ends at the Resort Pool area
  • Cutt-off: CP2 De Poort at 13:00 (Sweeper & Race director discretion to allow another hour extension)
Day2: BigSky 10km Fun Run
  • Race Starts: 08:00am (Resort at front main entrance)
  • Race Briefing 07:45am (Resort at front main entrance)
  • Registration: Sunday from 07:00am (at Resort Foyer)
  • Race Finish: Race ends at the Resort Pool area


Day2: Kiddierun 1k

  • Race Starts: 07:45am (Resort at front main entrance) this event is free for all children, no registration needed.
  • Race Finish: Race ends in front of BigSky start


Transport from Airport to Resort:

Please arrange such transport with bookings@blackmountainresort.co.za 

All the Race Information:

Race Info

Compulsory Gear for BlackBeast:

Trailrun Compulsory Gear

 GPS Files to Download or View Map:
MOBII Race Timing Registration
  1. Register for MOBII live timing at https://live.mobii.com/PublicPage/Black%20Mountain%20Challenge%202021#registration
  2. Those participants that currently have a MOBII NFC band can link their MOBII profile here to BMC club in order to get live results.
  3. Please print your MOBII profile QR Code and bring along to registration for check in scan at registration, this is not the QR code you receive from BMC Online Entry Ticket.
  4. Those participants that doesn’t have a MOBII band can collect their new band at registration at a price of R100 at Registration at Resort on Friday between 18:00-20:00 or alternatively on
Check Points: (NO CUPS at check points)
CP1 at foot of Heavens Ladder only for Extreme 12k (with Hydration & Water)
WP3 for both Extreme 18.5k & Traverse 7.5k at THE CAVE
CP2 for both Extreme 25k & Traverse 14k at DE POORT (Mooi Hoek Farm, fully stocked check point with hydration & water endurade with snacks)
CP3 for both Extreme 30k & Traverse 19k at THE POST (Village Farm, fully stocked check point with hydration & water with snacks)



ONLINE ENTRIES OPEN till 18 October 2021 for BlackBeast, Day 2 Bigsky entries close 18 October 2021 (2020 entries transferred to 23-24 October 2021)

The STANDARD BANK #BlackBeast Black Mountain Challenge, day 1 will have option between the #BlackBeast Extreme or #BlackBeast Traverse while both BlackBeast entries entitles you to a free Day 2 entry for the Big Sky Trail/Road Run 10km.

You can also just enter for Big Sky Trail/road Run 10km on Day 2 only .

Come enjoy the beautiful well known mountain of Thaba Nchu near Bloemfontein that offers a challenging route & easy yet beautiful Trail run, the mountain Challenge winning time 2017 was 04h02 (distance was shorter route 27km).

Both events are hosted at the Black Mountain Resort, the start of the BlackBeast Traverse is from Alexandria Farm, participants of the Traverse will have to confirm if they need transport from resort to Alexandria Farm with the Resort.

The Alexandria Farm will offer camping site and facilities with their coffee shop as from 2022.

The Resort has enough rooms to host all our participants. Family & friends can entertain themselves at resort with variety of features offered like game drives or game horse back ride to put-put, beautiful swimming pools, or go swim in the indoor hot spa pool to relax those aching muscles, use the spa or other facilities like bar with big screen, restaurant, movie theatre, etc. 

Parents can now make use of our Kiddie Day Care package, your kids & teenagers will be taken care, which includes meals & the 1km Kiddierun on Day 2, this allows both parents to enjoy the race while your kids are taken care of for the duration of the day with a full itinerary of fun events, you children will beg you to come back to BMC the next year.

#BlackBeast Extreme Challenge there’s only prize money for the overall winner of Extreme Challenge with best combined times of day 1 & day 2 stages, the category and race day winners do not receive prizes & will have to participate in Extreme Challenge to stand a chance to win the grand prize.

Standard Bank #BlackBeast Extreme or #BlackBeast Traverse (Day 1, Saturday):

Day 1 Saturday


Distance: EXTREME 37km or TRAVERSE 26km

Altitude Gain: EXTREME D+ 1150 or TRAVERSE D+ 750

Shoes: Advanced Trail Shoes suggested for hard pack mountainous trail.

Transport to Alexandria for Traverse Participants: Both BlackBeast Extreme & BlackBeast Traverse ends at Resort, Traverse participants can have a second drive them to Alexandria farm or alternatively book transport with bookings@blackmountainresort.co.za or 0823655840 (transport to Alexandria from resort is included in the entry price)

EXTREME Level of Fitness: Average Runners to intermediate hikers, although its extreme race, although its a well marked route, GPS skills & gear is beneficial.

TRAVERSE Level of Fitness: Beginners to Average Runners & hikers, although its a well marked route, its always advisable to know how to use your GPS in order to make navigation easier on race day.

3 Fully Stocked Beverage & Food Check Points: NO CUPS at check points (CP) & Way Points (WP) is unmanned

CP1 CHILE’S HILL (EXTREME 10km) Refreshments & Snacks

WP1 (Heavens Ladder 12km) – Extreme only

WP2 (God’s Eye 16km) – Extreme only

(Start for TRAVERSE) – Alexandria Farm START – BlackBeast Traverse – 0km

WP3 THE CAVE (EXTREME 18.5km & TRAVERSE 7.5km) Only check point, no food or hydration.

CP3 DEPOORT – MOOI HOEK (EXTREME 25km & TRAVERSE 14km) Fully stocked water point with Refreshments & Snacks.

CP4 THE POSTS (EXTREME 30km & TRAVERSE 19km) Fully stocked water point with Refreshments & Snacks.

Finish Resort – 37km (Traverse 26km) take a break, swim, go order a drink at pool bar, enjoy the music and chill.

BlackBeast Race Package Includes:

Beautiful 110mm x 6mm thick BMC Extreme Medal or 90mm BlackBeast Traverse Medal

Each BlackBeast runner gets custom made top quality BMC Race shirt or vest with your preferred names on it with colour of your choice, the shirt cut can be ordered as Male or Female cut as each participant race shirt is custom made to your specifications.

Awesome Goody Bag (One Goody Bag per participant doing BlackBeast Extreme or BlackBeast Traverse).

Includes Conservancy Fees.

ER24 Medical Assistance

BMC is now a Marked Route , but GPS is still recommended and important for accurate navigation.

Amazing adventure which is rated as Extreme.

The Traverse is an ideal mountain event for beginners.

Sweeper & Race Officials on the track to assist where needed.

Timed event with results for participants using MOBII band, if you want to buy such a race band, please email nelio@cityrun.co.za to order one, these bands can be used at MyRun events and any MOBII timed events.

Hydration at Finish for each finisher to help replenish your thirst.

Estimated Duration:
Advanced Runners (4h00 – 5h00 Extreme)

Intermediates Runners (5h00 – 06h30 Extreme)

Average Runners (6h30 – 7h30 Extreme)

Beginners (07h30 – 09h00 Extreme)

Hikers/Walking (8h00 – 10h00 Extreme)

The cut-off is 5pm for both BlackBeast Extreme and Traverse or by race director discretion which is determined by sun-set & daylight, no runner may continue to finish in dark, all those participants still busy on route at sunset/dark will be picked up by our rangers with their Vehicles). There will be a cut off at CP2 De Poort at 13:00 for both Extreme & Traverse.

The achievements would be to finish Sub 4 hours for Elite Runners, Sub 5 for advanced athletes or Sub 6 hours for intermediate runners.

Compulsory Gear: Click Here to View Compulsory Gear


Standard Bank Big Sky Trail/Road Fun Run 10km (Day 2, Sunday):

Level of Fitness: From Beginners
Big Sky Trail & Road fun run

Distance: 10 km (Terrain easy flat Jeep Track & tar road)

Altitude Gain: D+ 90m

Time Start: 08:00 am Day 2 Sunday

Shoes: Suggest Road or hybrid shoe for mixed trail/road surface

Anyone can enter only for BigSky 10km on day 2, the BlackBeast Extreme & Traverse participants of Day 1 gets free entry for Day 2 BigSky Fun Run

BigSky Race Package Includes:

Beautiful 70mm x 3mm Big Sky Fun Run Medal

No Race Shirts included for Big Sky Entry, but BMC shirts can be purchased separately for participants, friends and family members.

Estimated Time to Complete:
Advanced Runners 36 min – 45 min
Intermediate Runners 46 min – 55 min
Average Runners 56 min – 1h05
Beginner Runners & Hikers (walk) 1h06 – 2h00

Cut-off Time: 10:00 am

Compulsory Gear: No compulsory gear needed, dress according to weather predictions.


Standard Bank 1km Kiddierun (Day 2, Sunday):

1km Kiddierun

Distance: 1km
Time: 07:45 am Sunday (Just before BigSky Run starts) and free for all kids

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All BMC Participants please go register your personal profile for our MOBII timing system at this link in order to do live timing: https://live.mobii.com/PublicPage/Black%20Mountain%20Challenge%202021#registration  (Participants that already own a MOBII NFC band for Cityrun, MyRun, etc can also just link your profile to BMC in order for us to time you with your Mobii band).
It’s quick and easy, participants just need to provide: Email, First Name, Last Name, Gender, ID, DOB and tick to accept "Terms and Conditions".
Each participant will receive an email with a QR code, which you can save on your phone or print for race day registration and linking your profile to MOBII bands on race day.
Those participants that don't own a MOBII NFC arm band can just pay at registration a discounted R50 to own your MOBII band which you can use at all events using MOBII system like Myrun, Cityrun, TrailrunSeries, etc


Accommodation Rates

Make your bookings at Black Mountain Resort telephonic or by email details follow:

More info on Black Mountain Resort visit www.blackmountainresort.co.za (115 hotel room for the event).

Contact Details of Hotel

Groothoek Dam Road
Thaba ‘Nchu District

Tel: +27 82 365 5840 ‎

Email: bookings@blackmountainresort.co.za

More Info: https://blackmountainchallenge.co.za/accommodation/ 

Hotel Manager:  Peter Leonard | Cell: +27 79 637 5556

Hotel GPS Co-ordinates:
South 29º 18 Minutes 31.2 Seconds
East 26º 51 Minutes 20.9 Seconds

Website: www.blackmountainresort.co.za