Can I pay of my entry?

Yes, you can arrange with nelio@cityrun.co.za for payment terms.

Is the Compulsory Gear really so important?

Yes, your compulsory gear can safe your life & is in place for your own benefit, please adhere to it.

Is there Cellphone signal on the routes?

Yes, there is cellular signal on the mountain and trails, but there is small section of mountain that doesn’t have signal, if you move a little higher at those spots you will find a signal again. The hotel also has very good signal.

Is there Cellphone signal & Free Wifi at Hotel?

Yes, there is cellular signal at the hotel, as well as free wifi for its guests.

Do I have to stay at the Hotel?

No, you can drive each morning to the race as we will have a race briefing & kit check just before race starts. Its highly recommended to stay at hotel to enjoy the vibe 100%.

Is there any medical care?

Yes, we ensured at very high costs to make available two paramedics on the route with a fully kitted ER24 ambulance with beds just in case one of our participants experience any problems, your safety & health is very important to us and we do not take it up lightly to ensure this high standard of emergency crew & ambulance. But having your small medical kit on hand with you will also be advised.

Is there a danger with wild life animals for participants?

No, we running around the Maria Moroka Game Reserve, but obviously in any wildlife reserve there is an element of danger always no matter if you in vehicle or hiking in such areas animals could possibly be on the other side of fence, but we have taken big measures to ensure your safety but eliminating 99.9% of such risks with a full crew of Maria Moroka Nature Reserve crew driving in reserve to monitoring all the animals as well as a 4×4 vehicles driving on route with the sweeper at back to assist. So we advice to always be vigilant, we are in nature in in their territory just try not provoke any animals and report to us immediately. Although we not running inside the game reserve, the reserve itself is know for hikers walking freely when visiting the reserve & no incident reported as yet.

Is the trails marked, will I get lost, do I need a GPS?

Yes, the route is marked, the mountain trails as well, one can always get lost, but one phone call to organiser & we guide you back to correct trail as we know the mountain inside out. We also have crew at the mountain that can assist our lost sheep 🙂

A GPS enabled watch or handheld GPS is always ideal, but not compulsory as the route is somewhat easy to navigate, you can also use the GPS functionality on our website during the race, click on GPS link and it will guide you on the route as well.

Do I need food and water for the trails?

We highly suggest you take some snacks along like protein bars etc, hydration of minimum 2L as well, the conditions is unpredictable and you could need more of the latter than previous years depending what mother nature throw at you on the day. There are fully stocked water points with all types of hydration from energy drinks, water, some with coffee, and some with beers, lite food, wine gums, barone, energy bars, etc etc… You will make sure you don’t starve, our pit-stops already nicknamed as “Oasis Cafe”.

Is Black Mountain Challenge Green Event?

Yes, we wont be serving cups or any products with plastic wrappings, so bring your own cup along or purchase our unique BMC collapsible cups online.