• What Kinderkinetics offers;
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  • a list of ladies involved;
  • a brief overview of BMC involvement; and
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What does Kindekinetics offers?

  • Baby Massage & Program for infants (0-24 months)

Developing your baby sensory-motor abilities to an optimal level.

  • Program for Pre-School children (2-7 years)

This is a group-based program designed towards the perceptual-motor development of the child with a preventing improving and/or therapeutic nature.

  • Remedial therapy and Adapted physical program (0-13 years)

Ideal for children with specific motor &/or physical movement delays.

  • Sports development & Wellness programs (8-12 years)

This program is a group-based sport development program where different sport skills are taught in a fun and exciting manner. It also focuses on fitness and ensure that the basic fundamental skills underlying the various sporting skills are established before moving on to specializing in a specific sport.

  • Water safety program (18 months-6 years)

Focus on the basic water safety skills necessary for a child to be safe in the water.

List of involved Kinderkineticists:

Carmen Bonafede             072 466 4665

Chanelle du Preez             082 336 4991

Chanté Mathews               076 480 7892

Cindy Ackermann              079 340 2870

Danelle Vermeulen            084 628 5307

Elna de Waal                    082 550 9916

Elzabé de Klerk                 078 025 6099

Janka Nagel                      082 805 9958

Marna Human                   079 284 0276


BMC involvement:

Registered Kinderkineticists will be looking after the children, while parents run the race. Interesting and fun movement activities will form part of the day’s program.

Activities include (among others):

  • Several gross motor development sessions appropriate for the specific age groups present.
  • 2km hike
  • Volleyball
  • Put-put
  • Swimming (if your child already can).

Please remember to pack the following items in your child’s backpack:

  • Swimwear, swimming aids (if your child still uses it), hat, sun screen, medication.